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Palapa Relaxation Station
PALAPA with Con2our Chairs and Canopy

During travels in Mexico, the makers of Green Eggs & Hammocks, encountered little huts along the beach called "palapas." These quaint structures had thatched rooftops, open sides, and often only hammocks inside.                                 Simple, yet luxurious.

PALAPA is also an Indonesian word that literally means "fruits of labor."

Inspired by the simple beauty of relaxing with friends, and after 5 years of continous development...

They offer you the fruits of their labor... so you can relax and enjoy yours.

PALAPA revolutionalizes the old table, chair, and unbrella set.                        Luxuriously comfortable.

PALAPA is so unique-people gravitate toward it.

Enjoy the Green Eggs & Hammocks PALAPA Experience in your yard or place of business.

Enhance gatherings with friends, family, or clients with this unique and comfortable conversaton piece!

Green Eggs & Hammocks Con2our Hammock Chair - Red
Green Eggs & Hammocks Palapa Relaxation Station
Green Eggs & Hammocks Palapa Shade Canopy - Taupe
Green Eggs & Hammocks Palapa with Con2our Chairs and Shade Canopy Combo
Green Eggs & Hammocks Palapa with Superweave Chairs and Shade Canopy Combo
Green Eggs & Hammocks Superweave Hammock Chair

You will love the Green Eggs & Hammocks Relaxation Station and the way you can customize with many color choices of Green Eggs & Hammocks hammock chairs!

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