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Mayan Hammocks & Chairs

Relaxing Hammocks offers you a beautiful collection of brightly colored Mayan hammocks. Choose from a Caribbean Mayan hammock or a Mayan hammock chair for hours of beautiful relaxation! Feel cheerier just looking at their bold, bright colors.

Mayan Hammock - Double Size
Mayan Hammock - Family Size
Mayan Hammock - American Style
Mayan Swing Hammock Chair
Deluxe Mayan Hammock Chair
Caribbean Mayan Hammock - Blue
Caribbean Mayan Hammock - Green
Caribbean Mayan Hammock - Mocha
Caribbean Mayan Hammock - Multicolor
Caribbean Mayan Hammock - Orange
Caribbean Mayan Hammock - Purple
Caribbean Mayan Hammock - Rainbow
Caribbean Mayan Hammock - Red
Caribbean Mayan Hammock - Tan
Caribbean Mayan Hammock - Turquoise
Caribbean Mayan Hammock - Yellow

More than 500 families weave our mayan hammock in their own houses in remote villages of the Yucatan, Mexico. Each Mayan hammock chair and hammock is handmade. Our material is raw cotton, we produce the cotton strings that are required to make our mexican hammock.
Handmade by hundreds of people like this. Chumayel and Yucatán, México. Yucatan hammocks are woven so that they will mold to any body shape, making them comfortable to lie or sleep in.
Hand woven of 100% cotton cord with nylon end strings. Natural or multicolored.

Try a Mexican hammock or Mexican hammock chair today!

 For those who like their feet on the ground or like to swing, the Mayan swing chair is perfect!
Mayan man making hammock.
Mayan women making hammocks.
Mayan woman making hammock.
Mayan man weaving a hammock.
Beautiful, happy, Mayan family
Beautiful family enjoying their Family Sized Mayan Hammock
Looks so relaxing......Which one to choose?
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