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Hammockzzz Hammock Hanger
Hammockzzz Hammock Hanger

Welcome to the ZZZ Zone

 Relaxing Hammocks would like to introduce the U.S. Patented Hammockzzz(HZ) Hammock Hanger. The Hammockzzz solves the problem of imperfect tree spacing or the lack of two trees! With the Hammockzzz, only one tree is needed! The Hammockzzz's strength easily holds 450+ pounds. Let us assure you of the strength of the Hammockzzz. The HZ unit consists of heavily built materials: steel pipe and galvanized steel cable for durability and longevity. It outweighs mostly any other hammock stand currently on the market. The galvanized cables are rust-resistant and rated at three and one-half tons(7000 lbs). This single cable will bear the weight of most cars on the road today. It is recommended for heavy persons. The testing included over 450 lbs--three adults and one child. Of course the weight limit of the hammock you use with it will need to be taken into consideration.


 A single tree will work 100% as well as two trees for relaxing in your hammock...reading, napping, and lounging. The Hammockzzz is not limited to trees! A single pole may be used also. Please keep tree health in mind. The majority of trees from a few feet to many feet in circumference(around the tree) are healthy and strong. In rare cases, a tree may not be healthy and should not be used to hang your Hammockzz hammock hanger. If you are unsure of tree health, please consult a professional. Trees as small as three feet in circumference may be used. Trees that are four to five feet are the average size. Once past the minimum tree size circumference, size becomes irrelevant, as the Hammockzz only needs more cable to accommodate any size tree.

 With proper use, this heavily built unit will supply many, many years of satisfying hammocking. This unique hammock hanger is an investment in your family's relaxation and enjoyment. Also, you will never have to drag it around the yard to mow! The Hammockzzz comes with instructions for hanging.

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