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Who is Hammaka?

We are the manufacturer and importer of a line of recreational furniture products. Founded in 2001 in Utah and we are committed to offering unique, innovative products and top-notch service

Where are Hammaka products manufactured?

Hammaka products are manufactured in Indonesia and China, and are warehoused at Hammaka headquarters in Clearfield, Utah.

Is there a warranty for Hammaka products?

Yes. A two-year factory warranty applies to all Hammaka products – covering all parts and materials. This warranty excludes color-fading.

What is the weight limit for Hammaka products?

The weight limit for the Hammaka Hammock Chair and Cradle Chair is350lbs.

The weight limit for the Weave  Hammock is 500lbs. The weight limit for the Pillow and Silk Hammocks are 450lbs.

The Hammaka C-Stand holds 300lbs and the Hammaka Portable Tripod Stand holds 350lbs.

The Trailer Hitch Stand holds 500lbs with 250lbs on each arm.

The Bow and Ark Stands hold 450lbs.

The Nami Chair holds 350lbs, while the Double Nami holds 450lbs.


Who is Kingcord?

Kingcord's workshop is in the heart of the Thousand Islands, where experienced craftsmen still make each hammock entirely by hand on an old-fashioned loom to produce the beautiful hardwood spreaders and specially braid all the different kinds of the soft rope that goes into the hammocks.

Where do the Mayan Hammocks come from?

They are handwoven in the Yucatan in Mexico by many families in remote villages.

How long will my hammock last?

With common sense care, your hammock should last for many years. They shouldn't be left out in the elments, especially for long stretches of time.Cut, broken, or burned cords can be repaired by knotting the ends.

Are hammocks washable?

Yes. Hand wash in cold or tepid water with mild detergent. Always tie ends with cord to prevent tangling.Smaller hammocks can be placed in a pillow case and washed on the gentle cycle with cold water and mild detergent.Mayan hammocks could bleed slightly. Mayans can be washed by soaking in tepid water with shampoo and a handful of salt. After washing, hammocks should be quickly dried by hanging and placing stick or broom crosswise to provide maximum ventilation.


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