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The creation of the Cacoon hanging hammock was inspired by nature. It was fashioned after the the tiny, hanging nests of the Weaver bird in the jungle. Now, you can have your own safe, little nest, in your own backyard or home.

The Cacoon is made of top grade fabrics, a mix of cotton and polyester, for a soft feel of natural canvas, while providing weather resistance. The fabric is treated to withstand mold, wind, sun, and rain. You can take your Cacoon anywhere! With proper use, your Cacoon will give you years of enjoyment!
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Putting your Cacoon together

Tools required: NONE

1. Place your Cacoon on the ground with the door spread open.

2. Build the inner ring by slotting together the sections piece by piece whilst feeding them through the guide loops on the inside of your Cacoon.

3. Once you've fed the sections through all the loops, complete the rest of the ring. You may need to use a little force to align and slot together the last two sections.

4. Pull your Cacoon over the completed ring - using your hands and fingers to lever the final part of the fabric over the ring (the design of your Cacoon relies on the ring fitting tightly - so be prepared to use a little force).

5. Using reef knots, secure the last parts of the inner ring to the horizontal seam with the ties provided.

6. Hang your Cacoon - but before you do, check the branch, beam or bracket is strong enough to take both your weight and that of any friends who may join you.

7. Enjoy!

Caring for your Cacoon

Before using your Cacoon we recommend it is washed to remove any residual dye from the fabric.

You can machine wash the fabric on a cold cycle (no bleach). Put the ring back into your Cacoon and hang dry (do not tumble dry). It's important you don't dry without the ring in place.

And don't even think about getting the iron out - Cacoons don't like irons!

Or, if you prefer (and can't wait before trying it out), simply wash your Cacoon down while it's hanging - outside, obviously. Use warm soapy water before rinsing off with clean water.
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