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Cacoon Bonsai
Cacoon Bonsai
Bonsai colors
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The Cacoon Bonsai is the perfect size for the children at 3.9 feet. It's the perfect addition to their bedroom, giving them their own safe haven! The Bonsai is easy to take to the backyard, or anywhere! In 9 color choices, you are sure to find their favorite color!

Diameter: 3.9 ft
Ring: Anodized aluminum 6030 & 6005
Fabric:    35 % Cotton and 65% Polyester. Water repellent, anti mold and bacteria treatment, UV performance
Carabiner: Galvanized iron with loading capacity of 1587 lbs
Hanging system:    Nylon rope 12 & 8mm (Resistance of 4850 & 3086 lbs)
Loading capacity: Maximum 440 Lbs
Hanging space required:
 floorspace: Minimum space of 4.3 ft diameter - ideal 6.2 ft diameter:
 headroom: Minimum height of 7.4 ft - ideal height of 8.2 ft
Weight of product: 8 lbs
Individual carton packaging: 21.7" x 9" x 4.7" / 9 lbs
Tripod stand compatible: Yes

**Pillows not included
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