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Byer of Maine

Byer of Maine was founded in 1880 in Bangor, Maine and are still famous today for their Byer of Maine hammocks. Today, Buyer of Maine sources products from the far corners of the world, bringing us a beautiful, yet functional line Byer of Maine Brazilian hammocks and Brazilian hammock chairs, as well as functional hammock stands to accompany the products.

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Barbados Hammock Single - Bluesky
Barbados Hammock Single - Cappuccino
Barbados Hammock Single - Mocha
Barbados Hammock Single - Rainbow
Barbados Hammock Single - Sorbet
Barbados Hammock Single - Sunset
Brazilian Gigante Hammock - Family Size
Brazilian Hammock Chair - Mocha
Brazilian Hammock Chair - Rainbow
Brazilian Hammock Chair - Sorbet
Brazilian Hammock Pillow - Blue Sky
Brazilian Hammock Pillow - Multi Stripe
Brazilian Hammock Pillow - Mustard Blue
Brazilian Hammock Pillow - Rainbow
Brazilian Hammock Pillow - Ruby Red
Brazilian Hammock Pillow - Salsa
Brazilian Hammock Pillow - Sunset
Byer of Maine Aruba Hammock Single - Cayenne Red
Byer of Maine Aruba Hammock Single - Juniper Blue
Byer of Maine Aruba Hammock Single - Vanilla Yellow
Byer of Maine Aruba Jet Set Combo - Cayenne Red
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If you love the outdoors, you can't go wrong with any of these great Byer of Maine products. Perfect inside the home too if you are an indoors enthusiast!
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