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Hammocks=Relaxation. Can't you just start feeling yourself start to calm down just hearing the word "hammock"? Doesn't it evoke a quick mental image of a hammock strapped around  two palm trees on a deserted white sand beach and nothing but turquoise blue water as far as you can see? Well, you can have this feeling anywhere--just close your eyes...No beach, or even trees, are necessary. Resting in a hammock after a stressful day is actually healthy for you!  Physically, emotionally, and mentally. Even though you're busy, if you can just take even a few minutes daily to sit back, take some deep breaths, and unwind, it is a documented way to relieve the stress in your life. Stress=Disease, if continous. Do this as many times a day as possible(or necessary). The longer, the better! The same effect can be obtained from a hammock chair or swing. When the weather turns colder---bring them in! What could be more important? Make room!

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