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Autistic Friendly Products

Relaxing Hammocks promotes their autistic friendly products to help autistic children.

Swing therapy is used for autistic children because they benefit from the swinging motion of a hammock chair or hammock swing or also a hammock used as a chair.

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Green Eggs & Hammocks Superweave Hammock ChairGreen Eggs & Hammocks Superweave Hammock Chair
Green Eggs & Hammocks Con2our Hammock Chair - RedGreen Eggs & Hammocks Con2our Hammock Chair - Red
CLEARANCE!  Joia Brazilian Hammock - Orange StripeCLEARANCE! Joia Brazilian Hammock - Orange Stripe
CLEARANCE  Strathwood Cotton Fabric HammockCLEARANCE Strathwood Cotton Fabric Hammock
CLEARANCE  Medium Nicaraguan Hammock with Fringe - Green SolidCLEARANCE Medium Nicaraguan Hammock with Fringe - Green Solid
CLEARANCE  Joia Brazilian Hammock - Red/Blue/Pink StripeCLEARANCE Joia Brazilian Hammock - Red/Blue/Pink Stripe
Caribbean Large Hammock Chair - RedCaribbean Large Hammock Chair - Red
Caribbean Large Hammock Chair - PurpleCaribbean Large Hammock Chair - Purple
Caribbean Large Hammock Chair - OrangeCaribbean Large Hammock Chair - Orange
Caribbean Large Hammock Chair - Olive GreenCaribbean Large Hammock Chair - Olive Green
Caribbean Large Hammock Chair - MulticolorCaribbean Large Hammock Chair - Multicolor
Caribbean Large Hammock Chair - GreenCaribbean Large Hammock Chair - Green
Caribbean Jumbo Hammock Chair - YellowCaribbean Jumbo Hammock Chair - Yellow
Caribbean Jumbo Hammock Chair - TurquoiseCaribbean Jumbo Hammock Chair - Turquoise
Caribbean Jumbo Hammock Chair - TanCaribbean Jumbo Hammock Chair - Tan
Caribbean Jumbo Hammock Chair - RedCaribbean Jumbo Hammock Chair - Red
Caribbean Jumbo Hammock Chair - RainbowCaribbean Jumbo Hammock Chair - Rainbow
Caribbean Jumbo Hammock Chair - PurpleCaribbean Jumbo Hammock Chair - Purple
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